Radiant Portraiture

About Radiant Portrature

Rob NelmsRadiant Portrature is a freelance photography company for photograpic works by Rob Nelms. Founded in 2012, Radiant Portraiture offers photo sessions, in which Rob Nelms will meet you for a photo shoot, you may choose a to meet him in a specified area, or shoot at his studio space. Rob Nelms specalizes in headshot, portrait, event, real estate, landscape, product, athletic, and model photography, as well as, photo manipulation, restoration, retouching, and photographic art. Artistic landscape and other photographic prints are also sold.

About Rob Nelms

Rob NelmsRob Nelms was born in Los Angeles, California. When he turned 19 years of age, he began studing music at Los Angeles City College, although, he was born with natural musicial talent. Specializing in compositional styles, Rob Nelms has created two albums under the name Robby Nelms.

However, after many years of the music scene, he decided it was time for a change. When he turned 32, he moved to San Diego. Because the music sceen was not as big, he decided to try web design, and in the process learned Photoshop, which made him remeber wanting to be a photographer since he was young. Now he is currently working as a freelance photographer. He is also currently studying to improve his web design and digital photography skills. Rob is also skilled in photo editing and mainpulation.

As a photographer, he has shot portraits, landsapes, nature, architecture, catalog, and models. He uses a Nikon D600 DSLR camera and different lenses. He also uses portable studio equipment that includes strobe flash lighting, backdrops, reflective umbrellas, transparent umbrellas, and several hot shoe flashes and triggers.